All of our heating engineers hold the relevant Gas Safe accreditation that allow them to work with both domestic commercial appliances, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible standard of commercial boiler installation with us.

All commercial gas pipework (from the meter to the appliance) should receive a full inspection after 5 years and annually thereafter to ensure that it continues to meet all existing health and safety standards, as well as mitigating any disruptions to production or business. Poorly maintained outlet pipework cannot only lead to disruptions of service but bring significant threats to loss of life in the worst cases.

Under the safety standard, gas pipework should be inspected to make certain it has not been compromised over time by, for example, corrosion, recently-added building extensions, building layout changes, additional pipework or simple neglect. We can also assist with the location of buried gas pipework using infrastructure maps and state of the art detection equipment.

Another area of specialty is Powerflushing: A Powerflush helps prolong the life of your system, lower your bills and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Helps your home heat up faster
Wastes less energy, which saves you money
Reduces system wear and tear
Helps to protect your boiler

Any remedial works required would be discussed, and a free, no obligation quotation for any remedial works identified would be provided.


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