Gas Supply

SGN Approved

We are authorised and approved by SGN, ES Pipelines, GTC and many other Network Providers. We can help you with making a change to your gas supply or disconnecting your property from the mains.

If you want to move your gas meter and/or existing gas pipe, or upgrade your existing connection, this is called a service alteration. This type of work may be required when carrying out alterations to the property such as an extension or conservatory where the supply pipe requires to be relocated.

Where a gas supply is no longer needed, for example if a property is being demolished, we offer an isolation service where the existing gas supply is safely disconnected at the main.

Meter box repairs

Your gas meter box is part of your property and as such, it’s the responsibility of the owner and/or occupier to make sure it’s well maintained.

We can supply and install meter box covers and doors, door hinges/pins and locks, and you can also buy replacement meter box hinge pins, locks and door keys from us.

We can supply and install full meter boxes including semi-concealed and surface mounted boxes.

If your meter position needs altered, this will involve making a change to your gas supply. Please call 01294 277456 for further details.


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